So you just got Gygi! Now what?

It’s no secret that our most successful Darren Gygi Home Collection retailers know how to display our Made-in-the-USA artwork in a big way! These retailers really know how to sell the collection - in fact, they regularly sell 40-50 pieces a month.

Often, displays initially start in a small space, but as the popularity of Darren Gygi has grown among their customers, they have expanded their Gygi real estate. They know that if they showcase a variety of images in an eye-catching, appealing way, it will help their customers ponder the possibilities and buy multiple pieces of this amazing line!



Make a Gallery Wall

This colorful and eye-catching display is sure to grab your customers' eyes - and their hearts!




Find a Niche

Not a lot of wall space? No problem! Hang them in those "difficult to decorate" places like above the door or a small wall pop out.




Plate Rack Display

Have a plate rack or two for sale? Use them to highlight the collection instead of dinnerware! Use a full set of the small sizes or mix and match your favorite pieces to introduce your customers to all kinds of possibilities.


Shutter Display

Have a pair of old shutters? Then you’ve got some unanticipated wall space! These are perfect for a Darren Gygi artwork display in a variety of sizes!



Fill a Bookcase

Fill a bookcase, baking rack or garden bench with Gygi prints in 5x5 inch and 9x9 inch! It's a great way to display a variety of artwork - either on its own or intermixed with a variety of coordinating products. It’s cross-merchandising at its finest!




Hang on Furniture

Have you ever considered the side of a cupboard or buffet as a display area? Grab this space and you’ve gained some unexpected “walls!”


Theme It

Make them part of an overall theme to create a real statment!


 Add to other Displays

Use them as part of your display! Customers will want both these products AND the display pieces!



Statement Piece

Our artwork can be an amazing anchor piece for a tabletop display. Not only does a 14"x14" piece on an easel add style and class to the table on which it’s displayed, but the décor around the artwork can be changed for different seasons!


Storage Baskets

Store extra stock in cute baskets that are easily accessible. Alone, this presentation is ineffective to introduce customers to the vision and potential of the artwork. But if you are looking for creative ways to store and display additional pieces - this idea is for you! (TIP: Keep the artwork in its plastic sleeve to protect it from repeated handling.)



Window Panes

Highlight your favorite pieces in an old window frame! Hang the decorated window frame from the ceiling or prop it against the wall if you don’t have extra wall space.


Impulse Display

Do you have empty space below, behind or in front of the cash wrap? The counter is begging to display a plethora of artwork in all sizes. It’s the final place a customer will look before they make their purchase, giving them a reason to realize they need a little Darren Gygi in their lives!

And that's just the beginning! What can YOU dream up? Get creative and post your ideas on social media and tag us @darrengygihomecollection and @sullivangift for a chance to be featured in our advertising.

Happy Sales!