Decorating Tips

It’s time for a décor update. You already know that! But, where to start? Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered!
Here are 14 EASY décor tips - featuring the Darren Gygi Home Collection - that you can very quickly incorporate into your space!

1. Bath Goals

Make your bathroom feel like a special get-away with additions like fluffy towels, chunky bars of soap, nice-smelling products, etc. Who wouldn't want to spend a little R&R in your own personal spa?⁣ Make it al fresco by bringing the outdoors in with the Succulent Collection prints, and a few of our Potted Greens.


2. Fresh Kitchen Feel

Think of produce as decor! (We certainly do! 🙂) Pile pretty bowls full of bright-colored fruits around your kitchen for a fun pop of color. (The only problem--you've got to replenish your decor as you eat it! 😂😂😂.) Or, save the repeat shopping trips and pick up our Lemon Slices. We like to make it easy. You're welcome!

The Darren Gygi Citrus Collection adds the final touch to fresh decor.