Trending Fleshtones


Trending: Fleshtones!

Whaaaat? Did that make you do a double take? We sure did!  Flesh tones? That doesn’t sound like a very appealing way to decorate AT. ALL.

According to Tom Mirabile, a color trend expert and contributing editor for Pantone, consumers are longing for more personal connection--rather than a digital connection--and will display that in their decorating. Mirabile insists that “flesh tones convey a sense of human warmth and will be popular in 2019.” 

Still not convinced? Neither were we until we took a closer look at what Crayola has to offer 😃.  If you bought a box of “multicultural” crayons, you’d get a collection of the following colors:  apricot, black, burnt sienna, mahogany, peach, sepia, tan, grey and white!  Now those are some flesh tones we can get behind! Add in a little blush and you’ve got a lovely, soothing color wheel from which to decorate! 


Outdoor Oasis

Outdoor Oasis

Lanterns add an extra dash of sophistication.

Theme #1: The Cozy Connection

Let’s show your customers how they can make a cozy space in their home by starting with the Window Box Planter Set. Display the Aglaia Odorata Pot Set or the Mini Succulents in Glass within the planter!

Hang the Cotton Wreath from the window of the Window Box Planter and add a little ribbon of your own! Suddenly your customer feels “connected” and wants the WHOLE display!

Offer your customers a Square Planter #CMT1098 or #CMT1144, a Patterned Round Pot, or even our soothing Origami Vases with a Peony Hydrangea Ranunculus Bush or a Succulent Spray to fill them!

Top off the “cozy connection” with the Cotton Stem from the Darren Gygi Home Collection and a Chunky Knit Throw.

Now THAT’s a cozy look your customers will wrap up in!

Theme #2: The Cottage Connection

This look is a little bit farmhouse, and a little bit rustic.

Start with our set of three Whitewashed Candleholders  - with or without candles - and add in the Bench. Display our Wave Top Smooth Pillar Candle in Coral, next to our Pail Planters filled with Wild Flower BushSeed Grass Bush, or a Tulip Bouquet. Show the Trugs with Spindle Handles filled with the Mini Succulents!

If that’s not enough to tempt your customers, top it off with the 9x9 inch Darren Gygi Home Collection Peony displayed on the Stand. Add a little greenery or one of our beloved accent rings, and you’ve got a gorgeous tablescape!

And, finally...

Theme #3: The Contemporary Connection

This final look has some modern elements mixed in with a few provincial pieces.

Let’s start with a centerpiece! Display the Trays, topped with our Slim Pillar Candles, a Potted Boxwood, and a 5x5 inch Honeybee from the Darren Gygi Home Collection!

Offer a Vase #G8156 or #G8151 filled with the Aglaia Odorata Bush, the Pussywillow, or the Chinese Flowering Crab-Apple.

Finish off the contemporary look with the Table Lantern, the Boxwood Topiary Set, and THE Swan, and you’ve got the perfect items to help update your customers’ décor!

These looks, together with your own ideas, are sure to convince your customers that they need to jump on the flesh-tone, connection trend!