How will YOU merchandise your new Darren Gygi Home Décor?
Here are a few ideas from some of our customers!

Use in a Vignette

Use in a vignette on a table or a wall - to enhance other products!
Your customers will love it so much, they’ll buy the whole shebang!

I love these pieces!


"I love these pieces! I have one that I change out in my entry on an easel, as well as many groupings throughout my home. Trying to decide on a new grouping for my laundry room!!??" - Cynthia T.



Display on an End-cap

The simplicity is perfect


"The simplicity of the pieces are perfect. I love them by themselves, but I love groupings the best." - Nathan S.

Use as a Ornament

Run a ribbon through the sawtooth comb on the back and use it as an ornament in a Christmas tree.
No, it’s not too late!


We LOVE it


"We sell Darren Gygi's art at Randee & Company in Salt Lake City! We, along with our customers are delighted with the quality, creativity, and beauty of this product. We LOVE it!!" - Randee N.

Put on an Easel

Put it on an easel and use it as a tablescape or centerpiece!

Everyone loves them


"I have a group of 6 in my kitchen over the sink window! Artichoke, cabbage, ciabatta, avocado, garlic, and olives. Everyone loves them." - Jo P.


Make a Gallery Wall

What an eye-catching, colorful display for your customers to view!

I fell in love


"I have a friend in California that had several of your pieces in her kitchen, the herb collection, and I fell in love!!" - Jannie M.

Create a Set Point

Create a display at a set point in your store. Change it out with different seasons and themes, and your customers will always know where to find it! With the Darren Gygi Home Collection, the display possibilities are endless!

What will YOU come up with?


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