Popular Home Décor Trends (on Pinterest)

Prepping a retail store for Christmas and holiday shoppers can be a lot like playing Hide and Seek! (Yes, you read that correctly!) Remember playing this game as a child? The person who was “it” would yell, “Ready or not, here I come!” and you’d panic! You'd give up looking for the perfect hiding spot and scramble to secure any place you wouldn’t be found and tagged! (Whew! Stresses us out just thinking about it!)

When you're planning for Christmas shoppers, in addition to offering your customers gorgeous seasonal decorations, it’s also essential to provide them with a variety of gifts for their friends and family! But with so many product options available, it’s easy to scramble and frantically fill your store with almost anything because “ready or not, here Christmas comes!”

We don’t want you to be the only kid without a hiding spot (so to speak), so, we’ve put together some product suggestions for you, based on Pinterest’s Top Décor trends of 2019/2020. Ready?

1. Garland

We’ve got garlands for every season. Draped over a table, strung through a banister, woven around a shelf, or swagged (is that a word? 🙂) on the walls, Garlands are THE décor element of the year! Check out some of our best sellers here:


2. Textile Arts

Think soft and cozy! Customers are yearning to make their home welcoming, and our Hand Woven Wall Hangings are one way to do it! Add a matching Throw, or a Pillow, and you’ve got a whole textile look going on. 

Also, have you seen this Bench? What? It doesn’t fit your style? Well, it might be worth changing your style for this one piece. It’s THAT fabulous!

3. Ceramic Pottery

An oldie but a goodie, ceramic pottery is still increasing in popularity! With so many different styles, colors, and themes from which to choose, we have plenty of Ceramics for your patrons!

4. Geometric Wall Décor

Yup! It’s still on-trend. Perfect for the kids’ room, a guest room, or study, this monochromatic Wall Décor is made with sustainable materials and adds a touch of nature wherever it’s displayed!

Pair it beautifully with our Tribal Patterned Pillow - embroidered techniques of loop and boucle stitching offer a raised detail that adds texture and interest.

5. Mixed Metals

It used to be that if you had silver décor, you could only pair it with other silver décor. And gold could only be displayed with gold. And sometimes silver was “in” and other times gold was the favorite. Not anymore. Now you can mix Metals with reckless abandon! Mix silver with copper or gold with gunmetal. Or, mix all of them together! No more metal restrictions!


6. Plants with Large Leaves

They’re big, they’re beautiful, and they’re here to stay (at least for now)! Gorgeous trees like these Birds of Paradise or Figs lend a bit of a bohemian vibe. That trend is both relaxing and welcoming, and worth bringing into your store!

7. Big Scale Art

It’s big, it’s beautiful, and with one fell swoop, you can decorate a whole wall! One and done Wall Decor! ‘Nuff said! And speaking of big... check out these larger than life Paper Flower Stems - think weddings, baby showers and more!

8. The Cactus

This prickly pal is so popular that it gets its own category! Cacti are in - and how! These gorgeous synthetics - and artwork from the Darren Gygi Home Collection - are here to turn a corner of your store into your own urban jungle.

Now that we’ve done the work for you, all you need to do is “add to cart!” These trends are sure to beautify your store, delight your customers, and keep you winning the game! Ready or not, here YOU come! 😊