SparkLED Lights - Gift & Dec

SparkLED Lights shine in any situation- indoors or outdoors. They are perfect for birthdays, weddings, summer parties and holidays with their superior color and energy efficiency thanks to the LED technology. End-users can test the functionality right on your shelves with the "Try-me" packaging. They come in three unique collections: Spheres, Ribbons & Bows and String Lights. Check them out below!



Set the scene with a personalized ambience in your choice of five vibrant colors and two sizes. Customization doesn't stop there. You can choose four unique settings: steady on, phasing, slow twinkle, or fast twinkle. These bulbs are cool to the touch and ready to hang - no hassle!

Ribbons & Bows

Make a great gift even greater. Wrap it in a SparkLED Ribbon or Bow. 6FT battery operated ribbons come in three elegant colors and are easy to shape for a personalized flair. Battery operated bows come in a 6FT scroll pattern or a 9FT spiral pattern and four beautiful colors with a built-in automatic timer. 

String Lights

Intense colors and extreme versatility. Choose heavy duty weather-resistant LEDs that can connect over 40 sets end to end or choose portability with battery operated slim-wire LEDs that are cool to the touch. For both variations, when one bulb goes out, the rest will remain lit.