Penny Klinedinst


We sat down with Penny Klinedinst, founder and designer of Simply Perfect, and got to know a little more about her, her designs and her inspiration. Simply Perfect is our newest line here at Sullivans. This collection offers bath and body products along with home decor.

So Penny, tell us a little about yourself.
There’s a frame in my closet that I see every day. It reads: ‘I will make all things beautiful. This will be my life.” And it is. If I’m not creating, I’m thinking about creating or renewing myself so that I can create more. It could be anything from designing a client’s living room to planning a new product line to refinishing a table.

What would you say inspires the Simply Perfect Sunday line?
For busy women – which means all women – Sunday is the time to relax, unplug and take time for oneself. The Simply Perfect Sunday line is designed to help you nurture yourself, to help you rebuild and refuel so that you can start the week refreshed.

The fragrances of these products are amazing! Do you have a favorite scent from Simply Perfect Sunday?
No. 8 is my personal favorite. 8 is my favorite number, and it just happens to be my favorite scent.

There's lots to love about your products, but what do you think consumers will love MOST about the Simply Perfect lines?
I truly hope that they love the freshness and simplicity of these products. If I can help people find serenity through self care, by enjoying bath, body and home spa products, I’m really accomplishing something special.

We're practically neighbors! We're both located in the great ciy of Sioux Falls, SD. That being said, what’s your favorite thing about this city?
Downtown, which is up and coming, and more focused on arts and culture than ever, and the bike trails. I love everything about Sioux Falls, it’s why I started my business here.

What are some of your favorite products from Sullivans’ other lines?
Sullivans’ botanicals are the best in the industry. And, of course, everything Christmas.

So, can you tell us... any big plans for the line in 2016?
A healing neck wrap, special wash for delicates, possibly hand-crocheted hammocks, and much more that I can’t talk about yet!

Let's talk inspiration. What artists inspire you?
I take inspiration from nature, markets and travel. My favorite magazine is Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles; I picked it up in an airport for the first time 3 years ago and have been hooked ever since. My favorite site is Houzz and of course Pinterest. I’m inspired by women with attitude, upbeat music and the wonderful people I work with every day.