Cynthia Dunn


You've seen her beauitful artwork and designs, but get to know more about the artist behind it all. Below are answers to questions that we asked Cynthia Dunn, designer and founder of Cynthia Dunn Designs. Learn more about her, her designs and her inspiration. Cynthia Dunn Designs is one of our Artist Collections, which features beautifully unique designs on towels, napkins, note cards, ornaments, and more.

So, you’ve been one of our artists for a little while now. But I think there are still some of our customers that don’t really know the artist, Cynthia Dunn. Who is she? Tell us a little bit about yourself.
I was born and raised in the Northwest and took lots of art classes in college. I began painting with oils, but water color art is now my favorite. I still love to fit in art classes and love the local art community. We have two sons, two daughters and 11 grandchildren.

A life long love of art and design lead me on a path later in life to create notecards. I then added flour sack towels and recipe cards. I was encouraged by a well-known hat designer to take my work nationally. My journey began doing trade shows and I quickly developed a large fan base.

What a great journey! We love your designs and our retailers do as well. What inspires these unique designs?
My husband and I live in a beautiful area of the Columbia River Gorge known for its beauty and surrounding orchards. Fruits were among the first designs I created. Most of my inspiration comes from the beauty around the Pacific Northwest and everyday home and gardens.

So out of these unique designs, which one is your favorite?
I will always be partial to the fruits, flowers and my little birds that delight almost everyone. If I had to pick one it would be the Nest right now because it is inspiring a new collection of products being introduced this summer.

Why Sullivans? I’m sure there are lot of other ways you could sell your beautiful designs. Why us?
I attended trade shows until Sullivans approached me at market. After visiting their headquarters in Sioux Falls and meeting all the lovely and sincere people that work there, I knew it was the right decision. My customers had nothing but positive things to say about Sullivans. I am amazed at the quality of products they offer, from the realistic florals, to holiday assortments, as well as the array of gift items.

Which products do you feel best compliment your line of towels, napkins, notecards, etc.?
Sullivans' array of floral, urban and garden themed products.

Any sneak peeks to new Cynthia Dunn designs? We’re dying to see more!
We are very excited about how the Nest collection has evolved. You won’t want to miss it coming in June, along with quite a few new designs for everyday home, garden. We will be introducing several new designs at the markets this summer in Atlanta, Dallas, Las Vegas and Minneapolis.

We are constantly looking for new ways to display product. To all our retailers out there, how would you suggest displaying your line of products?
I love to display with French inspired objects. Shabby chic whites and burlap look amazing with my designs. French baskets for towels and an antique drawer for notecards looks fabulous!

Do you have any selling tips for our retailers?
Yes! Grouping many designs together makes a great statement. That is when they really POP! All the colors blend beautifully together.