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Here at Sullivans we incorporate timeless designs into on-trend home decor for every style, season, and occasion. We seek inspiration from around the globe to bring you beautiful, quality, and unique products. In our 50+ year history, we've developed award-winning customer service and the ability to adapt to our retailers' regularly changing needs.

Our vast assortment of quality products ensures that we have something that fits every retailer—and every home. We look forward to helping you curate YOUR perfect collection of Sullivans products.

Our passionate team of highly dedicated employees and independent sales representatives sincerely thanks you for your patronage and looks forward to serving your needs for years to come.

Welcome to Sullivans! Home Begins Here.

Sullivans Brands

Sullivans Family of Home Decor Brands

Sullivans Brands

Sullivans Brands and its trusted companies are an important part of life for people creating their definition of "home". Driven by innovation, creativity, and an understanding of people's needs, we create products that make people happy to be home.

Our companies are trusted in millions of living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and gardens. For a combined 125 years, we have created special things that make rooms and homes feel special. We know that surrounding yourself with things you love is what home is all about.

Our ever-growing family of lifestyle brands includes Sullivans, Woodstock Chimes, the Darren Gygi Home Collection, Vance Kitira Candles, Candle Impressions, and Mirage Flameless LED Candles. Expertly made with premium materials, our products are the result of decades spent dreaming up, testing, and producing only the very best in home décor for every style, season, and occasion.

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