3rd Party Policy

We appreciate your interest in Sullivans!

No retailer is permitted to sell or offer to sell any Sullivans product to any third-party e-commerce websites, including but not limited to:  Amazon.com, Ebay.com, Jet.com, Target Marketplace, Walmart.com, Etsy.com and any international marketplace sites such as Amazon Canada, Amazon Europe, etc. (collectively, “Third Party Websites”), without the express written approval of Sullivans.

In the event a Retailer violates this policy, Sullivans may terminate its business relationship with the violating Retailer, cancel, restrict or refuse any of the Retailer’s pending or future orders, suspend Retailer’s account, or exercise any other remedy available to Sullivans at law or equity.

All websites and online marketplace stores will be checked by Sullivans. Sullivans reserves the right to refuse any reseller's request to sell or display our products at any time.




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