Excitement for A Return to Social Gatherings Leads to Major Optimism for Consumers

New Sullivans Survey Finds Home Décor Consumers Expected to Increase Spending, Focusing on Comfort Over Personal Expression

SIOUX FALLS, South Dakota – May 25, 2021

The thought of returning to in-store shopping and inviting guests back into homes has consumers excited about updating their home décor this year, according to a recent Sullivans Home Décor Consumer Behavior Survey. With 76% of shoppers looking to purchase the same or more décor products than in previous years, retailers should feel optimistic about sales in the months to come. 

This year’s sales are expected to be strong, and it appears consumers’ primary goal for updating décor may be a result of spending more time at home during COVID-19. More than one-third (37%) of respondents remarked that “adding comfort to their home” was the main motivation behind the need to purchase home décor, rather than showing personality, which scored the highest last year. In the post-pandemic world, consumers want to create a feel-good space that’s safe and comfortable.

“With 2020 behind us and a growing excitement to spend time with friends and family, it’s really no surprise that consumers are excited to update their home’s décor,” said Tawni Buhler, Sullivans’ Director of Marketing. “But it’s evident that this past year affected purchasing habits, and we found that consumers now value comfort over personal expression,” she added.

A solid majority (63%) of the participants indicated that they prefer in-store shopping to find inspiration and new ideas when buying home décor. While respondents listed social media (39%) and television/movies (31%) as the next best methods to find inspiration, it’s obvious that shoppers are ready to get back to browsing stores to find the perfect items. 

While most people are excited to get back in the store, one consumer group stands out as the most opportunistic: Home Décor Hobbyists. This segment changes its décor 5+ times a year and values variety and an ever-changing assortment more than price points. They consider decorating a passion and are always on the lookout for unique, on-trend pieces. Retailers can find more details about attracting this customer segment at  SullivanGift.com/DecorSurvey.

According to Lisa Juul, Sullivans’ Vice President of Sales, “Our recent survey will leave retailers with valuable information about consumer purchasing habits and trends and provide insight into the potential Home Décor Hobbyists offer businesses. I appreciate the valuable data we were able to collect, and I’m excited by the optimism in the tone of responses from the participants.”  

To one survey participant, the thought of hosting family for the holidays plays a significant role in the need to update home décor: “I bought less new holiday décor last year because, while I bought some to set the seasonal vibe, with no guests coming over to visit, I didn't go ‘all out’ like most years. I think this year, by the summer or fall, I will be excited to decorate again and do more than this past year.”

For a more in-depth look at the 2021 Sullivans Home Décor Consumer Behavior Survey results, visit SullivanGift.com/DecorSurvey.

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About the 2021 Sullivans Home Décor Consumer Behavior Survey

Sullivans conducted a nationwide online home décor survey with 517 participants in 44 states with two goals in mind: 1. Understand how consumers seek out and purchase home décor and products to decorate their home. 2. Explore new trends and how consumer habits have evolved.