What The Summer Markets Taught Us About Consumer Trends

Summer Market Takeaways

SULLIVANS BRANDS, (www.sullivangift.com), an industry leader in the design and marketing of home décor for every style, season, and occasion, identifies upcoming consumer trends that every retailer should know. This information emphasizes Sullivans' commitment to partner with their retailers by providing the tools and information necessary to help them compete in a rapidly changing marketplace.

As the retail landscape continues to evolve, staying ahead of the curve is imperative for retailers aiming to capture discerning customers. The summer markets showed us the upcoming spring season trends that will reshape the way consumers envision their living spaces. Savvy retailers should plan to curate an everyday collection that resonates with these five trending styles. Jodie Resendiz, Product Design Manager at Sullivans, shares her thoughts on some of the summer markets’ most popular themes.

Indoor/Outdoor Fusion

Inspired by the Mediterranean aesthetic, this trend is all about timeless style infused with natural materials, colors, and textures. Says Resendiz, “The fusion of outdoor elements with indoor comfort is reshaping the design landscape. We’ve created specialized pieces--including wood finials, wall medallions, and large accent furniture--that add life to any space.” Modern botanicals, urn vases, and olive trees also contribute to this light and airy feel. Retailers can capitalize on this trend by curating a selection of products that bridge the gap between indoor coziness and outdoor serenity.

Modern-Scandinavian Harmony

In a world full of complexity, simplicity reigns supreme. The modern Scandinavian theme embodies the essence of tranquility, featuring sophisticated uniformity, minimalism, and functionality. “Modern Danish design partners with rustic farmhouse style to create a look that has clean lines and elevated style,” says Resendiz. Retailers can entice customers with sleek lanterns, candlesticks, and accessories in a gray, black, white, and green palette. This style offers a harmonious balance that resonates with those seeking an oasis of calm amidst the chaos of modern living.

Mid-Century Modern, Reimagined

Fashion-conscious consumers are always on the lookout for the next big trend. Enter the reimagined mid-century modern style, infusing traditional mid-century style with vibrant patterns and updated colors. Deep marigold yellow, dark lavender, and terracotta shine in wall décor, faux florals, and novelty items. Light woods and gradient-colored glass containers contribute to an updated and eye-catching aesthetic. Retailers who incorporate these elements will position themselves as the go-to destination for the latest in decor trends.

Elegance with Chinoiserie Accents

“Feminine accents are making a powerful comeback through Chinoiserie pieces,” says Resendiz, “Romantic florals and Chinese motifs are at the center of this eye-catching style.” Peacock and floral patterns adorn textiles and containers, while embellished gold wall decor adds a touch of elegance. Stylish ginger jars provide the finishing touch to this trend, making retail spaces irresistible to those with an eye for sophistication and charm.

Elevated Outdoor Living

Outdoor spaces continue to be a cherished escape for consumers, and outdoor decorating is a top priority. “Consumers are looking for beautiful and functional décor for the outdoors,” says Resendiz. “They’re extending the design of their indoor spaces into outdoor living and are searching for pieces that complement their style.” Solar lighting, outdoor fountains, and stylish pots and planters are indispensable elements for creating the perfect outdoor haven. Retailers can tap into this demand by offering a curated selection of outdoor decor that caters to the desire for both aesthetic appeal and functional comfort.

In a rapidly evolving retail landscape, understanding and catering to consumer preferences is critical. The insights gathered by Sullivans from Summer Markets provide direction for retailers to navigate the ever-changing world of design, ensuring they remain the first choice of their customers.

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