Home Isolation Highlights the Importance of Home Décor

New Sullivans Survey Frames the Future of Consumer Home Décor Purchasing Habits

SIOUX FALLS, South Dakota – July 6, 2020

The home décor industry is fine, says a survey by industry leader, Sullivans. Despite an uncertain economy and the pandemic prompting a priority on basic staples such as food and toilet paper, over one third (36%) of U.S. consumers opted to spend their paychecks on home décor products. Looking ahead, 65% of shoppers plan to purchase home décor once social restrictions loosen. These are just a couple of the promising statistics found in the 2020 Sullivans Home Décor Consumer Behavior Survey that shows the industry won’t be plagued by the pandemic. 

Of the 86% of consumers who find home décor important, emotion is one of the biggest motivators for product purchases. And during a worldwide pandemic, consumers shopped these items to improve their mood and decrease boredom. As we ease back to some semblance of normalcy, they’ll continue to create a physical space to improve their emotional state.

“During home isolation, everyone relates to the monotony of staring at the same four walls all day. It’s no surprise people get joy from shopping for home accents, whether it be adding a splash of color with a pillow or breathing new life into a room with decorative vases,” said Tawni Buhler, Sullivans’ Director of Marketing.  

Even with safety on shoppers’ minds, in-store traffic won’t suffer in the future, according to Sullivans’ survey. When asked about the likelihood of returning to physical locations, 70% of consumers said they’re likely or more likely to visit a store than before social restrictions. That said, consumers will expect retailers to demonstrate how they’re creating a safe environment while COVID-19 remains a risk. 

Nearly one-third (29%) of participants said they will favor shopping at local retailers and small businesses over large chains and online sites post-pandemic for their high-levels of service, unique offerings and instant gratification. This doesn’t differ significantly from pre-COVID preferences, but there is a shift in motivation. Consumers have a heightened awareness of the impact of buying local, and this new emotional tie has a greater influence than preferring an in-store experience alone. Of the survey participants, 50% said they will shop at small businesses to support the local economy, while 12% are motivated by the ability to see/touch products in person.

According to Lisa Juul, Sullivans’ Vice President of Sales, “We were very encouraged by consumers’ strong desire to do what they can to boost the local economy following the devastating shutdowns brought on by the pandemic.”  

To one Californian survey participant, buying from community businesses is important: “Mom and Pop stores support kids’ little league and soccer. They are the ones that donate to school raffles. They, much more than big chains, should be supported.”

After months quarantined to the same place, consumers will focus on updating high-traffic and outdoor areas, such as the living room, bedroom(s) and patio. When survey participants were asked what type of products they shop for, decorative pots/planters and vases (53%), pillows and blankets (49%), candles (41%), and artwork (42%) scored the highest. And they purchase these products at a high frequency. Over half (57%) of consumers buy home décor at least quarterly, and 25% at least monthly. 

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Home Begins Here, with more than 2,000 new home décor products introduced annually for distribution through national retailers, e-tailers and the new consumer-facing sullivanshomedecor.com website. On July 6, Sullivans is introducing seven new themes and over 750 Spring and everyday home décor products to the retail trade, featuring on-trend, one-of-a-kind containers, textiles, wall art, florals and botanicals, plus much more. Due to social distancing protocols, Sullivans is launching a highly interactive virtual market to offer buyers a free, convenient way to browse and purchase products online.

 About the 2020 Sullivans Home Décor Consumer Behavior Survey:

Sullivans conducted a nationwide online home décor survey in May 2020 to identify how consumer purchasing behaviors have changed during the COVID-19 pandemic and how these changes will affect future habits.