Leading Home Decor Designer Identifies 2022 Retail Trends 

Sioux Falls, SD ­ July 9, 2021

SULLIVAN, INC., (www.sullivangift.com) an industry-leading marketer that incorporates timeless designs into on-trend home décor for every style, season, and occasion, identifies clear home décor trends.

Sullivans conducts an annual Home Décor Consumer Survey each year to discover what consumers are clamoring for. This information helps them create new designs and provide the products that consumers want to purchase. 

“Based on the early read of Sullivans’ Spring/Everyday 2022 launch in June, we are seeing a correlation between our consumer survey results and our retailer purchases. The summer shows are in full swing, and retailers are looking for fresh and unique products that are high quality and fit within current trends,”  Lisa Juul, VP of Sales for Sullivans, shared. “The Dallas summer show posted record results and buyers heavily gravitated towards three of our new themes: Park Lane, Free Spirit, and Refined Home.” These themes have also proven popular in Sulllivans’ unique virtual market, where retailers can shop for new products and themes at their leisure. 

What makes these themes so appealing? They happen to be just what consumers are looking for.   

Sullivans’ survey results indicate that consumers want to update their most-used spaces - particularly living rooms and bedrooms - to create a comfortable environment and an aesthetic that matches their personality. They want to decorate with versatile furniture and accessories made of high-quality materials and on-trend finishes. Almost two-thirds of respondents are looking for neutral and earth-toned décor. And the number-one sought-after style is Traditional, with Scandinavian/Bohemian a close second.   

Sullivans' most popular new product themes solidly confirm that the survey results were accurate. Park Lane features traditional décor: white and washed wood, embossed metal, and dusty colors. Sullivans’ Free Spirit is a combination of Scandinavian and Bohemian style and presents stained wood and woven textures, matte black, and natural fibers and metal materials.  Refined Home boasts furniture and accessories with clean lines and sleek details, natural faux dried foliage, and a rustic modern feel. Based on consumer survey responses, it’s no surprise then, that these styles and themes, and materials are the most sought-after at Sullivans.  

Sullivans’ annual survey also indicates that consumers are anxious to return to in-person shopping and that they expect to spend more on home décor than they did last year.  Consumers also anticipate decorating for the seasons and holidays and indicate that they get most of their inspiration from browsing their favorite stores. And these results are good news for retailers everywhere.  

About Sullivan, Inc.
Sullivans is a leading designer and marketer of seasonal and all-occasion home décor products to specialty retailers.  Sullivans has built a reputation for world-class customer service and unique, high-quality products that enable retailers to offer true product differentiation and distinctive assortments. Sullivans was founded in 1968 and is headquartered in Sioux Falls, SD, with showrooms in Atlanta, Dallas, Las Vegas,  Sioux Falls, and a virtual market.  For more information on Sullivan or to view their wide range of products, visit sullivangift.com, call 800.456.4568, or contact your local sales representative.