The Candle Craze: Our Market Research Provides Retailers The Key To Aromatic Success

Vance Candles

It’s no secret that consumers love to accent their decor with candles, and with the candle market ending 2023 as a $13.4 billion industry, it’s clear that this particular home decor niche is only growing. “Consumers love the way that candles make them feel,” says Megan Gygi, Marketing Manager at Sullivans. “Our research indicates that as more and more consumers work from home or have a hybrid schedule, they’re buying - and burning - more candles.” 

In fact, 90% of consumers who work from home say that good scents make their work more enjoyable, and 77% claim their entire day could be improved if they are surrounded by a good scent. This indicates that it’s not just a market, candles are a sensory experience where beautiful scents intertwine with daily life.

As consumers continually become more eco-conscious, they’re searching for #toxinfreecandles and #candlecare as indicated by the 560 million and 56 million views on TikTok, respectively. Sullivans keeps those tenets carefully in mind as they continue to develop their Vance Kitira candle line, a handcrafted collection known for its virtually smokeless, eco-friendly burn and allergen-free soy wax.

In addition to carrying a wide variety of eco-friendly candles for purchase, smart retailers will focus on candles with scents that consumers prefer. Jodie Resendiz, Product Development Manager at Sullivans shares, “Our research shows that consumers are gravitating towards natural aromas such as woodland scents, citrus and tropical fragrances, and garden influences, including cucumbers and basil.” Resendiz and her team incorporated that trend into Vance Kitira’s newest scented candles featuring the essence of pine, fresh citrus, and tropical perfumes.

Not only are consumers adding a “signature scent” to their home (something that 66% of consumers say they do), but they’re also looking for candles to help them unwind. In the continual quest for wellness and deep sleep, consumers are searching for candles that enhance sleep support and feature fragrances known for their relaxing effects, such as lavender or vanilla.

While scented candles are the preferred option in the market, unscented candles are a versatile and popular choice for weddings and events, dinner parties, or home decor accents. Savvy retailers will carry both candle options to capture a broader consumer base. Sullivans’ Vance Kitira pillar, pear, and taper candles provide a versatile scentless experience in a variety of sizes and colorways.

Retailers can take advantage of the growing candle market by carrying quality, eco-friendly, allergen-free scents that connect consumers to places they’d like to be: escapist beaches, in the garden, out in nature, or a state of relaxation.

Resellers can view Sullivans’ scented and unscented candles in person at the showrooms in Dallas, Atlanta, Las Vegas, or in Sioux Falls, SD, at Sullivans’ headquarters.