Our Latest Survey Answers:

What Do Shoppers Want in 2021?

Survey participants were asked a wide variety of questions regarding their decorating goals, the places they find design inspiration, and their personal design style. Based on their answers, survey participants were grouped into three “shopping personas” representing different buying and decorating habits. The most passionate about home décor are the Home Décor Hobbyists, a 25-44 demographic with an annual household income of at least 75K. (Read more about the additional personas here.)


“The events of the past year have refined our focus.  We want to better understand our consumers so we can provide them with the type of décor that helps their space feel like home,” says Tawni Buhler, Director of Marketing at Sullivans. The survey highlights several important takeaways, including the fact that, this year, Home Décor Hobbyists are more interested in emphasizing comfort in their decorating than in expressing their personality, and that they prefer quality products over inexpensive short-lived trends. They also tend to reach for neutral colors as they’re putting together their home’s palette.



This information inspired Sullivans’ design team as they created Sullivans' new Spring & Everyday 2022 line. Nathan Skrove, VP of Product Development shared, “These survey results helped in our creative process as we determined what to add to Sullivans’ new themes. Understanding customers’ decorating habits gave us a great starting point for creating beautiful, new décor.”

Sullivans’ 8 new aptly-named themes have just the thing these Hobbyists want: quality products in furniture and accessories that will stand the test of time. The approachable Refined Home theme boasts distinctive, timeless furniture, and warm, cozy accents. Casual Living and Free Spirit introduce décor in blond wood and neutral colors that are easily accessorized with greenery and rapidly changing trends.

Survey results also indicate that while Home Décor Hobbyists are actively shopping for modern and rustic décor, traditional décor continues to hold mass appeal.  Sullivans’ Park Lane captures the traditional feel and the neutral tones that Hobbyists are searching for with products made of embossed metal and flourish patterns in subtle hues.

Another very key takeaway from Sullivans’ consumer survey is that consumers can’t wait to get back to in-person shopping. In fact, 63% of participants shared their excitement to leave their homes to browse new ideas as they shop for home décor. “Our survey results show that consumers enjoy the experience of décor shopping. They want to be inspired with all of their senses as they search for things for their home,” said Tom Russo, CEO of Sullivans. “Our new launch is perfectly timed for the return of in-store shopping, and we couldn’t be more excited.”

As in-person shopping resumes, it is imperative that retailers keep the Home Décor Hobbyist in mind as they stock their shelves. Retailers who select quality, timeless products, and accessories in neutral hues and cozy styles will have a great advantage as their shoppers return.

Retailers can review more results of Sullivans’ Annual Consumer Survey here. They can view Sullivans' beautiful new collection in person at the summer shows in Dallas, Atlanta, and Las Vegas, or online at Sullivans’  Virtual Market. The new line is also on display in Sioux Falls, SD, at Sullivans’ headquarters.